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Can Weed Cause Paranoia

One of the interesting and sometimes strange things about marijuana is that in some cases it helps people feel less stressed, anxious, and worried. But in other cases it seems to make people feel ultra stressed out to the point of extreme paranoia.
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A very nice article on how to detox from cannabis in orderly fashion

Cannacenter Best Friends Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam Zuid Vondelpark


23 years ago two Best Friends decided to open a safe haven for smokers in the east part of Amsterdam. On the Molukkenstraat they started coffeeshop Best Friends. Everyone from the neighbourhood came over and bought that good gear. Everyday was fun and soon the good word spread. The vibe, the quality and prices were the best in town and soon Best Friends was found by every ‘amsterdammer’. The costumers grew in numbers and nowadays Coffeeshop Best Friends is known far, far out of Amsterdam. Today we run 3 shops. One in the East, Centre and South. See y’all soon Friends!

Help the Cannabis Community in Amsterdam & Holland by doing the GRASSPOLL

We need your input to make sure we can contribute to Holland’s future cannabis policy. If we don’t use our knowledge and voice, it’s goodbye to variety and personal attention.
So do the Grasspoll and give us more knowledge to oppose Big Pharma and Big Brother.

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