Canadians are building biggest Cannabis Farm in Europe

The Canadian Cannabis Companies (CCC's) are expanding their business in Europe. The company Aurora has started a Joint Venture with a Danish tomato cultivation company. The two companies together will build the largest Cannabis Farm of Europe.

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NEW Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam!!

Zup Friends! We've got a new cannacentre in the city of Amsterdam. The new coffeeshop has opened it's doors. It's located at the end of the Vondelpark on De Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. We hope to meet you there soon. One Love!

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How 2 keep your Weed Fresh

No one likes smoking dried out weed. As soon as those crispy plant bits hit the back of your throat, they’re practically guaranteed to make you cough. How to store weed so it stays fresh and tasty for longer?

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Do the Grass Poll online

Good chance we're on the verge of a big breakthrough in the Dutch Cannabis System. Our government is deciding how our future is going to look. Not to say they don't know anything about our culture, but we think it's fair to say all of us can learn them a thing or two ;-) That's why we all should inform our government through this survey.

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December in Amsterdam

We all know December is the month for family days and diners. We also know that can be pretty stressful confronting. Coffeeshop Best Friends helps you find your way around while visiting Amsterdam

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Coffeeshop Best Friends Smoking Vibes

What do you need when you've lit a nice fat doobie? Right! A good movie or some perfect blazin' tunes. Well what do you know!? Here we have some smoking tunes Friends. Enjoy to the fullest...

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Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb planning to off coffeeshops

Lately we've learned our newly chosen government is about to start a test in legalized cultivation of cannabis. Something the coffeeshop branch widely appreciates. Finally there's a chance to step out of the grey area and get rid of the forced stressful inventory management. You'd think coffeeshops would be given a role in this future. That would be just, right? But the Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb thinks differently. Check it out...


What’s the difference between CBD & THC Oil?

It can be a bit confusing nowadays when people talk about 'weed-oils'. There are a lot of different types and producers around. For everyone who feels this way, maybe we shine some light on this matter.

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RIP Eberhard

Just weeks after he stepped off, our Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan has died from lung cancer at the age of 62. Way too soon...