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Parenting with Cannabis

Every parent has been there. The baby won’t stop wailing, the dog needs to be walked, your partner is hungry and asking for dinner. What do you do? Feel your chest tense up with anxiety? Grab a glass of wine?

Consumptions Methods

Medical Cannabis Consumption Methods

Cannabis is a multi-purpose, natural medication, treating everything from headaches to insomnia, to cancer. While the traditional method of consumption is smoking hand-rolled “joints”, there are several other ways to ingest this beneficial medication, and the best consumption choice generally depends on the condition or symptom the patient is hoping to treat.

Albania Weed Export Bestcoffeeshopamsterdam best coffeeshop amsterdam bestweedamsterdam

Cannabis remains Albania’s hit export

Following the media-friendly operations against Albania's cannabis farmers, the country developed into the continent’s largest cannabis producer. Read more about it here. (Sensiseeds article)

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Morgan Freeman 4 Legalization

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman says cannabis has helped reduce his fibromyalgia pain, and as such, he’s been an outspoken supporter of full legalization of MMJ and recreational weed.

10 High talks with your… Brain!

When you’re high AF, your brain is either on your side or completely against you. Let's see if you recognize any of these situations. We're sure you do. A Article

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Are Pot Smokers just like anyone else?

Not to be that person who says “I told you so,” but a new study has concluded that pot smokers are not a bunch of lazy slackers but indeed well-adjusted human beings who cross a large swath of society’s diverse types of individuals.


Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 – Wernard Bruining

Wernard Bruining, “The Potfather”, is a true cannabis legend. He founded the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam (1973) and the first growshop in Europe (1985). In the nineties, he shifted his attention to medical cannabis. Inside the Cannabis University at Cannabis Liberation Day 2017, Wernard gave a masterclass on how to make your own cannabis oil.

UNODC Drug Report Bestcoffeeshopamsterdam

World Drug Report released by UNODC

The 22nd of June, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its 2017 World Drug Report, stating: “Cannabis production remains a global phenomenon!”

July in Amsterdam

Come July in Amsterdam, summer is in full swing and the city's beaches and parks host dance music events, while there are more festivals than you can shake a stick at.