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Super Fly Jamaican Weed

TYPE: Biological Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Super Fly Jamaican is something you come across once in the many many years. Truly fresh Original Jamaican is a rarity in Amsterdam and when it’s here, you should definitely try it. Don’t be put off by her messy look with the branches and seeds. Take your time and clean it by taking out the seeds and the big branches. Then crumble it and take our advice of not putting to much tobacco with it. When you prepair it like this, you can’t go wong. One of our personal favorites and suitable for everyone. It’s sweet, mild and gives you a beautiful light high. After testing our product, we discovered another big pro of the Super Fly Jamaican. It holds a big percentage of CBD 5,5%. This makes it very very suitable for medical use. The Super Fly Jamaican is a diamond in the rough!

5,5% CBD

8,6% THC

0,2% CBG

0,1% THCV

0,1% CBC


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