The best Super Silver Haze Weed

Kosher Kush

TYPE: Indica

The Original Best Kosher Kush in Amsterdam is something else. Very very very rare. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking the original strain, you’ll know when it’s for real. This tasty and strong Kosher Kush is full of flavour and sticky as hell. We advise you to smoke small doses, cause this one is a knocka-knocka-out!

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Lemon Zkittles (Dutch Passion)

This new price winning strain is the child of the Lemon Skunk and the original Zkittlez. We’re in love. It’s a beautiful sativa that gives you a manageable high. With THC levels of about 15-20% this is a very good weekend high. Enjoy!
Hawaiian Treat Best Friends

Hawaiian Treat

This strain from a flown-in mother plant actually has its origin back here in The Netherlands. The child of the Hawaiian Big Bud x Dutch Treat.It’s a lovely sativa with a sweet tropical, citrus and pineapple flavour. 20% THC & 0,12% CBD with a total of 25,5% Cannabinoids Check it out friends!